FairPlay film & video award_


The Festival_

Founded in Berlin in 2003 as a curated screening platform, to foster the use of filmic language in art.
Fair_Play awards contemporary artistic efforts in blurring technical and aesthetic distinction between art and film. Goal of the award is to reveal new layers of communication between film and art and to stimulate the development of new visual languages and narratives. Fair_Play focuses on film and video works which are conceived specifically for a single-channel, wide screen projection.
Through the screening of film and video works, Fair_Play aims to create an international, multilateral platform of discussion about the relationship between art and film and to serve as a meeting point for a diverse and international group of professionals from the fields of contemporary art, film and video to engage and exchange in critical discourse.

CURATORIAL committee_

Submission of works is by invitation only. Artists are proposed for submission of their most recent works by a Curatorial Committee, which is composed by independent curators, institution directors, artists and experts from the film industry. Each member of the curatorial committee brings expert knowledge in their respective fields and geographic locations, securing the widest possible range of international, talented artists nominated to participate to the competition.

AWARD committee (JURY)_

The Award Committee is composed by 7 experts, exceptionally experienced in the field of video-art and film. Members of the committee are professionals of the film industry, curators, academics and artists. The committee will award a first, second and a third prize in money as follows: first prize euro 5.000, second prize euro 3.500, third prize euro 2.000.