Meracoincidencia (2007-2008)

JPeñafiel-FMarinotti and guests
Is conversation a melancholic science that can be given back in times of digital simulation? Is conversation a medium that helps avoiding the fatalistic shyness one encounters among drawings without drawings, politics without politics, words not aimed at communicating?
We exist through a not-at-all evident web of sheer coincidences that has nothing to do with gender, state, culture; they are something else. Once they get out, a new community arises.
Can one avoid both conversation and coincidence?
This is what meracoincidencia offers his guests: a laboratory to anticipate time, the elaboration of the countdown of news in a scrupulous investigation of printed press and of coincidence as an event to trust upon.
Meracoincidencia is a book too, containing this reversible calendar that we –Javier Peñafiel, Franco Marinotti and all our guests- are presenting from Lisbon.
Meracoincidencia started April 2007 in Lisbon. We decided to rent a flat for a time in the city’s most emblematic neighbourhood, the Bairro Alto. The reason: the need to break free from the presence of conversation, depending on what is real, representing what is fictitious.